November 20th, 2012

Oh my friends. Can you imagine!?! Doesn’t your heart break looking at this picture?
2:12 PM An Israeli mother shields her child during a Palestinian rocket attack in Ofakim.

I was having my weekly Skype Hebrew lesson very early this morning with my teacher, Simcha. Since there is an eight hour time difference, there in Jerusalem where Simcha lives, it was mid afternoon. He had just been telling me that, for the most part, in Jerusalem things were going on as usual during this very tense time. And right as he had finished making this statement and I was responding, he interrupted to say “Sirens! I better go and be responsible.”

Simcha, who is a very calm person, tells me that from his perspective, things might not be as bad overall as our Western media seems to be reporting, except perhaps in the South.  But then again, he states, it is also altogether possible that they themselves just do not know what is going on behind the scenes.

A few minutes later, Simcha called back and reported that a missile did indeed hit somewhere in the Jerusalem area, but the exact location had not yet been reported.

After we completed my lesson for the day, I checked a blog that I follow, and read that the missile had landed in an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem.  This is very revealing about Hamas who KNOWS there are Arab neighborhoods, businesses, etc in Jerusalem. They KNOW that they are playing Russian roulette with these unguided missiles and may very well hit their own people. Yes, they know. They just don’t care. Israelis or their own people; they just don’t care.  Their specialty is death.  Earlier this week I was watching a news program as an Arab leader exclaimed “We love death like the Israelis love life.  YES we use women and children as shields. They are the best!” Difficult words to hear! And impossible sentiment to comprehend!

Why, oh why doesn’t Israel put a decisive halt to this madness?  Why do they not stop playing Hamas’ games?  Why do they constantly placate their many enemies, begging for peace at ANY price? Why do they allow themselves time and time again to be manipulated by false promises of peace?  How many MORE times must they be startled awake to the blare of the missile warning system with only 90 seconds to move their entire family to the building or neighborhood shelter? When will they quit believing the lies of the enemy?  Why can’t they admit that peace with the enemy never results in peace?  Can’t they see that “peace treaties” only buy their enemies time to rearm, dig more tunnels, and strategize for the next attack?

And making it even more tragic and frustrating, is the fact that Israel does have a choice!  Israel, after all, is mighty, with one of the most powerful armed forces in the world!  They can definitely defend themselves should they ever have the resolve to do so! They are not some frightened little girl with no way to stand up to the class bully.  AND, more importantly, as long as they are walking in His ways, they have THE Defender on their side! What is going on here?? And if we can figure it out, will it help us with our own personal battles against the enemies of our souls?

Let’s take another look at the above quote; “We love death like the Israelis love life.  YES we use women and children as shields. They are the best!” Why are they the best?  Because no one suspects they are hiding the enemy, and we are reticent to harm or kill the “innocent shields.”

Let’s allow this to sink in, because it should be very instructive when studying how the enemy works. Doesn’t the above quote sound as though it could have been penned by Satan himself, who comes to kill, steal and destroy?   Like Israel’s enemy, the enemy of our soul does not care who is hurt in the process of destroying our souls. And, like Israel’s enemy, HaSatan has a strategy! As part of his diabolical plan, he will strap bombs to “women and children” (those things which appear innocent and harmless).  He will watch our lives, looking for areas that “lag behind,” are “weak”, or “feeble,” and that is where he will attack. If  he can get to our weaknesses, he has inroads to plant more, and more powerful, explosives deeper and deeper within our territory.  He will dig tunnels to reach fortified territories, and still others will join in his mission, voluntarily blowing themselves up in the process. And again, he will shed not one tear.  Satan will put cheese in the mouse trap and lure his lackey suicide bombers in with the promise of honor, riches, and 72 virgins in the afterlife, none of which he can deliver, nor does he intend to.  He will honor them with his words but the truth is that he cares not one iota for their lives; in fact he would rather they die also.  Satan and his minions love death because it is the opposite of the One whose name and character is Life. And he doesn’t really care about damning our souls.  What he exclusively cares about is destroying the work of the Most High. His interest in us is for that purpose alone!

We have already asked why Israel stands for being toyed with by her enemies time and time again, but why do WE stand for the continued ploys of OUR enemy? Really!!! Perhaps it would be wise for us to give this some serious thought. If the goals and strategies of Hamas, (and other enemies like Hamas), are a picture in the physical of the spiritual battle that is constantly being waged against those who belong to the Most High; the fight between Life and death, good and evil, righteous and unrighteous, then WHY would we EVER broker a “deal” with the enemy? Why would we set as our most desirable goal a “cease fire??”

Should we ever cease fighting against the enemy of our souls???  Should we decide to stop protecting the Life that is within us????  Do we really want to allow the enemy time to rearm??? Really??? In fact, do we ourselves sometimes put on a belt fitted with explosives and help with our own destruction?

I emailed back and forth with another friend over in the hills of Samaria this week and he urged me to “Tell your friends to pressure your government officials to let Israel do what needs to be done and finish the job against the enemy this time.” Are we, like Israel, allowing ourselves to be strong-armed or blackmailed into going “easy” on the enemy by someone we see as a strong ally and beneficial to have on our side? Could this relationship really be beneficial if it requires us to leave the enemy forces intact?? Selah (Pause and think about this.)

Oh, it is time to return to our knees, my friends. It is time to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to live out 2 Chronicles 7:14 as well.

2Ch 7:14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

You know, most often when I hear people speak of this verse, it is in the context that we are to pray that the “others” in our land stop their evil; (stop abortions, stop same sex marriages, etc); things that others are doing and which we would consider overtly evil. But do we realize that the Bible describes evil as anything that is against His teaching and instructions for us?  We often seem to be sadly unaware of the fact that we each have a little “Hamas” inside of our own desperately wicked hearts which wars against Truth and Life. The Jews call it the Yetzer Harah; the evil inclination. And just like the physical leaders of Hamas, our spiritual Hamas wants to see us completely and utterly spiritually dead -wiped off the map.

So perhaps we should go on a reconnaissance mission, surveying the evil within the heart.  Not the heart of someone else, but within OUR very own hearts. MY very own heart.

Oh that today I would start “firing” on the enemy within, and refuse any cease fire negotiations, utterly eradicating every last one of Hasatan’s troops so that they can war no more against the Lover of my Soul.  And if he (ha satan – the satan – the adversary) tries to convince me that my sins and transgressions are just “innocent women and children” and not to be feared or fired upon, I pray I will not play the fool and that I will dispense no mercy! May I remember that this is just another attempt to convince me to allow Hasatan to stay, regroup, and replenish supplies so he can return at a later time, stronger, well fed, and more evil still. I pray that I will NOT initiate a force reduction, but instead will begin a stronger initiative to build up the forces within that fight for Life, Right, Truth (my “Iron Dome” defense system which can take out whatever the enemy sends my way). I will ask Him to alert me when I am about to send aid to the enemy which will supply him with what he requires in order to survive and fight against me another day.

Today as you hug your children and send them off to school or to your homeschool room; or as you stop by the coffee shop on the way to your nice, safe, air conditioned/heated office; think of (and more importantly, PRAY for) Simcha and Yonatan and Rivka, and countless others who had to rush off to safe rooms this afternoon.  And think of the children. After returning from his safe room and calling me back, Simcha put the phone down momentarily to let his children in the door. I heard the stress in their voices as they immediately reassured him “Abba, anachnu beseder” (Daddy, we’re okay) because they were on the school bus when the sirens sounded and knew their daddy would be concerned.

And think of the mother in the picture above who threw her body over her child to shield her from falling rockets.  And then think of your own enemy and thank The Holy One of Israel for being the Shelter you can run to as you wage war against your own Hamas.

Perhaps you will want to join me today in purposing:

I will NOT send supplies to aid the enemy of my soul (I will not participate in questionable thoughts or activities that supply him with ammunition to attack)

I will NOT be caught sleeping on the job when I should be guarding my borders.

I will NOT open borders closed against the enemy. (If I know he has entered this way before, I will expect he will at some point try this avenue again).

I will search out and destroy all tunnels the enemy has built and used to launch attacks, and I will station guards so that no others can be constructed. (I will expect many of his attacks to be hidden, below the surface, and exceedingly dangerous and may surface where least expected)

I will NOT negotiate with the enemy as if letting him have access to PART of my soul is a good solution any more than dividing Jerusalem is a viable solution. (I will not agree that I will just have to disobey commandments in “this” area for a time until….and thus negotiate with him)

I will be aware and watchful of the seemingly innocent things that Hasatan hides behind in order to gain access to me.

When Hasatan promises peace I will remember that when he speaks lies he speaks his native tongue and will agree to NO PEACE DEAL with the enemy of my soul.

I will NOT be persuaded by a person, a group, or in fact the entire WORLD should it try to convince me that the enemy has changed his ways and is now peaceful and that I am the aggressor.

I will not be guilted into allowing him to remain in my domain. (“You’re so narrow minded”, “you’ve gone back ‘under the law’ and are in ‘bondage.’   “You act holier than thou when you won’t celebrate Christmas”)

I will remember that I have as my Defender, a Mighty Warrior, willing and able to fight my battles for me.

I will ask Him for His help and I will…


Jacquetta (body in Oklahoma…heart in Israel)