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(Obviously singing Climb Every Mountain from the Sound of Music, he was belting out the last word  – “dream”)

This is my very first blog post! How should I begin? A little about me, you say? Oh, well, I guess that does make sense!

My name is Jacquetta and the subjects I share about in the teaching section of are BRILLLLIANTTT! They ARE!  Nevertheless, do NOT make the mistake of confusing the message with the messenger!  The message is brilliant because it is about His brilliant design! However, occasionally, when I travel to speak about His glory, even His eternal power and godhead (Rom 1:20), people become a tad bit confused. They may even venture to suppose that the messenger is brilliant also, simply because she is delivering the brilliant information! This is rather like claiming that an old cracked mason jar is priceless simply because it is being used to dispense the finest of wines!  Soooo, to dispel that rumor at the beginning (or as Barney Fife would say, “Nip it. Nip it in the bud”), perhaps you will allow me to share a little story. (In fact, how could you stop me?)

Awhile back, I was working around my house, when I received a phone call. Identifying himself as someone working at a home security company, Ryan informed me that an alarm had been tripped, and asked if I would like him to send police, or if I would rather take care of it myself. Well, as I mentioned, I was home at the time, and there WAS no alarm going off!  Thinking that this must be a scam, I stated rather emphatically that my alarm was not sounding.  Ryan replied that the alarm he was speaking of was at my daughter and son-in-law’s home. Unable to reach either of them at work, he had moved to the third person on the call list, which just happened to be –  Me!  Ohhhhh (a light flickered on).  Did I want him to notify the police, he asked again? I replied that I did not, and that I would check on the house myself.

Since my daughter lives only a few minutes from me, I decided to head in that direction. Thankfully, I would be able to see the house from more than a half mile away.  If I should see a large truck backed up to the garage, loading a big screen TV, I would certainly call the police at that time.  So I grabbed a gun, double and triple checked to be certain  that I had my cell phone, and jumped into the car. On the 6 mile drive through the country, I called my friend, Kim. It seemed wise to have someone stay on the line with me in the unlikely event that I needed them to call for help, as I was speeding away from the scene, tires screeching and rubber burning. (Never mind that I would be on gravel!)

As I neared the house, I was relieved to see no strange vehicles in the drive, and no valuables scattered across the lawn. Of concern, however, was the fact that my son-in-law’s truck WAS there! What was going on? What would I find? Had Addison been injured?  Had there been a home invasion? I pulled up to the house and parked strategically. It was imperative that I not have my back to the house as I exited the car. And I would also need to be able to dive back into my vehicle and leave quickly if need be, (with the aforementioned burning and screeching, of course).

So, I stepped out of the car, still holding the cell phone to my ear and trying to make as little noise as possible as I whispered step-by-step updates to Kim. I left the car door open and the engine running. With my right hand, I held a death grip on my 357 snubnose revolver. I had only taken a few steps in the direction of the front door when the unexpected happened. P. John!

P.John was Jessica and Addison’s pet pigeon (P.John – Pigeon). Addison had discovered the tiny bird when leaving work one day. Just a fledgling at the time, P.John had tumbled from the nest. A baby bird rescue seemed to be in order. So he brought him home, where he and Jessica fashioned a make-shift “nest” using a rubber bucket and cedar chips. For the first few days they fed him with a syringe, and then later by hand.  And now P.John was a full grown bird that just LOOVVVVED to roost on HEADS!

Yes, indeed! Is the picture coming into focus now? Cell phone held to one ear, gun gripped tightly in the opposite hand, and P.John on my head!  And I could NOT convince him to skedaddle!  I tried tilting my head this way and that way.  I tried swinging my head rather violently, first to the right and then to the left, almost touching my ear to my shoulder. But P. John would not be permanently dislodged from his chosen perch! He would flap his wings and rise a bit until the shaking stopped, and then land right back atop my head! It seemed it was great fun for P.John.  Arrrrgh!

And it was now painfully evident that I would have no choice! Too much precious time had already been wasted while who knows what was going on inside that house! It would be necessary for me to enter through the back door, calling for my son-in-law, with a bird on my head! If there WAS an intruder inside, certainly it would SHOCK him, if nothing else!

Aaaadddison!   Addddisssoonnn!! ADDDDDISSSSON!!!!!

Well, Addison was fine. He had simply been hunting on the back of their property. Unintentionally having left a door ajar on a windy day, the motion sensor had apparently triggered the alarm when the door blew open. He found the bird-brained situation quite comical, as did Kim. Sigh.  It is so gratifying that I can at least entertain!

Yes, my life has sometimes been quite amusing. But the MOST fun I have, is when I have the opportunity to interact with people while sharing the many hidden treasures the Master Designer has placed within creation! As I learn more and more about His design details, and how they teach me of my Shepherd, My Master, My Creator and King, and His love for me, He gets larger, I get smaller, and my faith explodes!

My prayer for you today is that you have a thirst for Him, explosive faith, and a pigeon on your head from time to time; just to remind you not to take yourself too seriously!




Hugs and blessings from my nest to yours,



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  1. Too funny! We got some chicks – now chickens – in the fall and they follow me around the yard like puppies and hang around my feet when I sit in the yard with them so I understand how a bird can be a pretty good pet….even to the point of wanting to roost on your head!?!

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