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When I posted Survivor Part One, I mentioned that Part Two would follow in a couple of days.  And here it is a week later, and it has yet to be posted.  Life has happened. The house God owns but I live in was finally placed on the market after much preparation. At the same time, work has been incredibly busy.  Tomorrow I will begin working four ten hour days for a couple of months before  returning home full-time.  Lord willing, I will be investing more time in this site, learning how to communicate more effectively the exciting information He is teaching. The goal  will remain that of magnifying His name.

With His help, Survivor Part Two – Food, will be posted later this week.  Food certainly plays a major role in every human’s life. In fact, a good part of each day centers around selecting, preparing or purchasing, and consuming food! It should, therefore, come as no surprise to us that we will discover much treasure hidden within its design!

In preparation for our consumption of Survivor Part Two – Food, please consider the following questions.

Is it even remotely possible that God created Adam, watched him walk across the Garden and collapse, before He recognized that man would require a power source?

Is God required to obey the rules of nature? Or are the rules of nature required to obey Him?  Did He drop us down onto this Earth with rules already in place?  Or were the Laws of Nature part of His purposeful design from the get-go?

Was it possible for God to create man without the need for a power source? Or perhaps He could have designed man with a solar panel, providing a continually renewable energy source without any effort required by man?

One might respond that the Creator gave us food as an energy source because He knew we would enjoy it. However, isn’t it also true that He programmed within our design the things we would enjoy?

Why would the Great I am create some foods, only to then make them off limits to His people?

What do you think food might represent spiritually?

If we gain understanding of His design of food physically, might it give us spiritual insight as well?

Well, that’s it for now. Chew on that (pun intended) for a few days and Lord willing, I will post Part Two next weekend. If I come to your mind, please pray for me as I traverse the many changes occurring in my life right now.

Until next time,

Bon appetit!





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