I Wonder If

I Wonder If Eve Searched For Fruit

On Lionback That Day

I Wonder If She Romped With Jackals

And Hugged Gorillas Along The Way

Did Giant Condors Invite Her

To Their Nest To Take A Nap

Did She Visit A Great Brown Grizzly

And Recline Upon His Lap

Did She Count The Bees And Place Them

On Their Hives With Not One Sting

Did The Butterflies Surround Her

And Fan Her With Their Wings

Oh, The Peace I Can But Imagine

That Ruled The Garden Then

No Thorns, No Strife, No Fear, No Pain

Before Sin Entered In

The Serpent Perhaps Was a Jolly Old Imp

Running About On Legs Short And Strong

Perhaps Eve Loved His Funny Ways

And Delighted In His Impish Song

But Then He Allowed That Fallen Angel

To Enter And Take Control

Not Knowing That The Father Of Lies

Had But One Evil Goal

To Convince The Girl And Then The Man

To Each Take Just One Bite

To Ignore The Words Of Their Creator And Friend

And Reach New “God-ly” Heights

To Listen To Him and Not The Master

About The Fruit Of This One Measly Tree

That They Should Consider Not God’s Senseless Rules

But the Almighty ME ME, ME

Did The Serpent Ride With Eve High Upon

The Neck Of A Giraffe To See

Did He Point With Delight At The Beautiful Fruit

That Hung From That One Certain Tree

And As Eve At Last Took That Very First Bite

And Offered It To The Man

Did The Serpent Still Think He Was A Creature Quite Wise

Or Did He See What A Fool He Had Been

Did His Words Now Erupt as Hideous Hisses

As He Struggled To Make A Sound

Did His Legs Now Turn To Slithering Slime

As His Belly Hit The Ground

Did The Evil One’s Raucous Laughter

Throughout The Garden Ring

As Animal Voices Turned To Growls

And Bees Began To Sting

And With The Fruit Now In their Bellies

Adam And Eve Were Still Not God

And Their Beautiful Garden Was Fast Becoming

Both Frightening And Odd

The Animals Adam Had Groomed and Petted

And For Each Had Chosen A Name

The Creatures The Couple Had Fed By Hand

Were Now Quite Far From Tame

Animal Voices Were Forevermore Silenced

Claws And Teeth Grew Sharp And Cruel

An Enmity Grew Between Them and Man

Because Of But One Broken Rule

I Doubt Eve Knew She Was Drastically Changing

The Course Of All Mankind To Be

With Her One Little Act Of Defiance

As She Partook Of The Fruit Of That Tree

The Future…She Could Not Have Guessed It

Would Never Have Chosen It In Fact

She Thought She Was Growing Much Wiser

With This One Little Self-Centered Act

And Then The Voice Of Their Master

Rang Musically Through The Trees

And The Shame And The Pain Of Their Actions

Crushed Them Brutally To Their Knees

Lovingly He Had Tried To Protect Them

With But One Rule To Keep It That Way

But Now Their Eyes Had Been Opened

And Evil Was With Them To Stay

Their Sin Built A Barrier Between Them

They Hid From The Sound Of His Voice

They Used To Run To Him Gleefully

But Now, Could No Longer Rejoice

If Eve Had Just Acted In Obedience

And Had Stayed Far Away From That Tree

If The Serpent Had Refused To Seduce Her

And Had Commanded The Evil One To Flee

Our World Would Have Now Been So Different

What Peace, Love, and Beauty Would Abound

Or Would I Be The One Now Remembered

As The First In Whom Sin Had Been Found

Do My Choices And Actions Still Carry

Consequences For Generations Yet To Be

Or Do I Choose To Believe That Great Liar

When He Says They Affect Only Me

Do I Still Of Sin’s Fruit Take A Nibble

And Offer It To My Mate

Do I Attempt To Fill My God-Hungry Soul

By Feeding It The Nectar Of Hate

When My Master Strolls Through The Garden Of My Soul

And Gently Calls My Name

Can I run To Him Eagerly And Grab ‘Round His Neck

Or Must I Hide In Shame

That I have Much More In Common With Eve

Is A Fact That I Indeed Must Confess

I Must Strive Without Delay To Accept

His Rules, And Nothing Less

For The Evil One Still Roams The Earth Today

Still Whispers Lies In Our Ears

Still Looks Like A Friend, Speaking Words Soft And Sweet

But Then Laughs At Our Shame And Our Tears

I Cannot Avoid Him, Nor Move From His Path

Unless To The Father I Run

Unless I Take Refuge And Comfort Each Day

In The Stronghold Of God’s Only Son

The Path To The Father Is Narrow, You See

I Can Enter Through Only One Gate

It Leads By The Foot Of A Cross Rough And Cruel

Still Dripping With Blood Shed By Hate

As I Gaze At The Cross Looming O’er Me I See

The Nails Still Piercing His Hands

And His Fingers Still Grip The Sins That Are Mine

Being Soaked In The Blood Of This Lamb

The Pain And The Anguish I See In His Face

As He Struggles With Each Passing Breath

Tears Of Love Mixed With Blood Drip From His Eyes To Mine

As He Pays For My Sin, With His Death

Oh Father Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Do

He Cried As He Bled On That Tree

I Wonder Was He Asking For The Guards …Or For Eve

Or Did He Ask It For You, And For Me

A Tree At Sin’s Start And One At Its End

How Fitting That Thus Should It Be

On One Hung The Passion For Sin In This World

By The Other, From Sin’s Grip We’re Set Free