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In Mystery Woman Cold Case File – Whodunit Pt 1, we began our investigation of the cold case of an unnamed woman spoken of in Luke 8. We compiled a list of questions and began following a string of clues in hopes of finding answers. Specifically, our desire was to discover not only who this mystery woman was, but why she had sought out this particular rabbi. We also wanted to discover what she had hoped to gain, and what she ultimately did, that resulted in the miracle of power flowing from him into her. 

 In Mystery Woman  Cold Case Pt 2 – Who Shall Remain Nameless, we played private investigators as we “followed” her

throughout her daily routine for a few days. We peered into her life through the case file to see if we could discern what she was hiding.  We came away with the surprising revelation that we had been shadowing ourselves.  As we witnessed her pre-healing state of uncleanness, shame, sickness, sadness, and hopelessness, we recognized our own life stories embedded within hers. We began to comprehend just how spiritually unclean, hopeless, helpless, shamed, shunned, and lifeless we had been before we, too, met the Rabbi from Nazareth. From this point on, the investigation became quite personal for the investigators. We not only wanted to uncover the next steps of the mystery woman’s story, but hoped to unmask the next steps in our personal journeys as well. Would more parallels be uncovered? 

 And now, we turn our attention to the remaining clues surrounding the day of her miraculous healing.  What caused her to think that the rabbi could heal her?  Why did she not appeal to Him directly and make herself known?  Why did she touch the fringe attached to his cloak?  How was this seemingly simple touch different than that of the many men pressing in from all sides? The rabbi said her faith had made her well. What kind of faith makes one well? Was it simply a confidence that He was able? Or was there something more? 


 Before we resume our investigation of the particular facts of this cold case mystery, we will scan the scientific data regarding blood loss. Perhaps this may help us understand more precisely what she/we were dealing with.  

 Within the extensive case file, we find notes from another cold case investigator who had worked the case many years previous. Because a rabbi was involved, he had scanned the Hebrew scriptures for any mention of blood.   His notes document that blood  was found to have been mentioned hundreds of times in Scripture. Of great significance to understanding our story, many passages declare  that “life is in the blood.”  (Gen/Bereshiyt 9:4, Lev/Viyikra 17:11, Deut/Devarim 12:23). This is a strange statement which will require further investigation.  Many other verses provide guidance on how to properly deal with exposure to blood,  normal and abnormal bleeding, and even how to dispose of blood.  And, of course, blood is central to the sacrificial system set up by the Most High. All because, as stated above, life is IN the blood.  Note that life is NOT the blood, but is contained within it. What is this life that we find bathed or concealed within blood? In a file marked LIFE/BLOOD, we find these quotes from Holy Writ. 

Deu 32:46  he said to them, “Take to heart all the words by which I am warning you today, that you may command them to your children, that they may be careful to do all the words of this law47  For it is no empty word for you, but your very life, and by this word you shall live long in the land that you are going over the Jordan to possess.” 


Joh 6:63  It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.  

Lev 17:11  For the life of the flesh is in the blood

 Well, there it is!  Examining the above sampling collected  from the case files under a microscope, reveals that it is the Word being carried along by the “blood” that results in Life! We will come back to this as we continue our investigative report. 

We see that long before the advent of microscopes or sophisticated tests or procedures, the Bible declared life to be “in the blood.” And, as is often the case, science eventually caught up with Holy Writ. The scientific fact that life is indeed in the blood has long since been soundly proven.  This is no longer any mystery, nor is it now a surprise. What remains both surprising and exciting, is to note the parallels between what the Bible says about blood, and what science now knows. Indeed, the parallels are so remarkable that it would suggest that the Creator determined to connect the two even BEFORE He created blood or inspired Scripture!!!!   In fact,  we now assert that the amazing parallels we unearthed during our investigation are too precise to have been conjured up AFTER the design phase.  Take a look at the notes we have compiled and see if you agree. 

The scientific data show

Without blood, no nourishment would arrive at any cell in our bodies, resulting in cell breakdown/starvation, leading to deathWithout blood, no toxins would be transported away from the cells, resulting in extreme toxicity and causing, you guessed it – death. Without blood, no oxygen would be delivered to the brain or any other vital organ and the outcome would be forfeiture of lifeWithout blood, no antibodies would be available to combat infection and disease and even a minor bacterial attack would run rampant without hopes of survival. And, without blood there would be no sperm, no egg, no placenta,  no blood flow to the baby, and therefore no possibility of producing offspring and the human race could not exist. 

Interestingly, the investigator’s notes indicate that blood is the only tissue that is not fixed in one system.  It flows to and from, and touches each and every cell in the human body. Although it might be possible to survive with one kidney, one lung, damaged heart, damaged brain, no eyes, no ears, absent limbs, etc., you cannot exist without blood.  In conclusion, without blood, there would be no YOU.  The Scripture has again been confirmed to be absolutely and literally true and trustworthy. Life is in the blood.  

 It is even more astounding to note that all of the characteristics of physical blood which flows throughout Creation, perfectly align with the characteristics of spiritual blood which flows throughout the Word of God, and indeed by which the Word of God is transported.  

 OXYGEN —  Just as physical blood delivers life sustaining oxygen, so spiritual blood carries along the Word, transporting life sustaining spiritual oxygen. The Hebrew word for air, breath, and wind, is  ruach. This same Hebrew word is also translated into English as spirit, as in the Holy Spirit ( Ruach Hakodesh).  Therefore, spiritually, the blood/Word delivers, (makes available) the Holy Spirit.

FOOD – As physical blood contains physical nourishment, so spiritual blood contains the Word of God.  Scripture informs us that we must consume the Word of God, taking it deep within our beings for digestion and delivery to every cell. The Word of God is described as honey, manna, milk and meat and produces fruit. Therefore, the spiritual blood/Word delivers spiritual nourishment.

CLEANSING —  While physical blood continuously protects our lives by transporting deadly toxins away, so spiritual  Wordcontaining blood with its Ruach cleanses – transporting toxins (sins) away, preventing them from causing permanent and deadly damage.  This brings to mind an old gospel hymn – Have you been washed in the blood –  in the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb. 

HEALING —  While physical blood saves our lives daily with its perpetual flow of antibodies, so it is in the spiritual.   Within our spiritual blood flows miraculous life defending antibodies – prepared to launch a fierce battle against any enemy invader.  These troops are mustered the instant the alarm sounds.  This alarm is in response to conviction. When sin (toxin) enters, the first alarm to sound is conviction. If this alarm is acknowledged, the call goes out for defensive troops which arrive armed to the hilt and ready to wage war. Again – it’s like He knew!  Mi kamocha, b’elim Adonai (Who is like Thee, O Lord among the gods! – Exo 15:11) 

One more Scripture from the file seems appropriate here. This one has been labeled simply “The Word.”

Joh 1:14  And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth 

Could this Word made Flesh be the same Word which is contained in our spiritual bloodstream and is responsible for our spiritual cleansing, nourishment, defense, and removal of our spiritual toxins (sins)?  Hmmmm 

After reading the above case file with regards to blood,  we now better understand that the woman with the flow of blood for 12 years was in a constant state of losing her life. She truly was desperate! And desperation often is the catalyst which causes us to truly seek a solution.  With her life force at all times ebbing away, the evidence seems to indicate that The Rabbi from Nazareth was the solution to which she was drawn. What caused her to believe this?   Her path to this conclusion remains to be discovered.  

 As our investigation continues, we are again reminded of the striking parallels between her journey and ours. We, too, were once in just such a perilous spiritual condition.  We, too, were constantly in a state of active spiritual dying. With our blood count dangerously low, we were desperate for a solution that could only be found through  a connection with our Messiah! How might we reconnect with Him  now?   Are we, even now, desperate for a power surge that will jumpstart our relationship with Him and provide the spiritual transfusion we so desperately need?  Have we been feeling spiritually toxic of late?  Are we spiritually lightheaded, unable to think, short of breath, and sick?  Then it is imperative that we stave the flow of blood leaving  the body  and encourage its flow within the body!  Through our investigation thus far, we have confirmed that our mystery woman could only accomplish this through faith in the Rabbi from Nazareth. Perhaps as we continue to follow the clues, we will also be lead to the solution in our own lives. 

A cold case of  this magnitude will require us to employ many  investigative tools.  We will again scour the witness statements.  We will do our best to reconstruct the day of her healing in an attempt to  “see” what she saw and “hear” what she heard.  Our goal  – to the best of our ability, will be to determine what caused our unnamed mystery woman to place her faith in this particular rabbi, and why she behaved in such a peculiar way.  

Once our next report (Mystery Woman Cold Case File #4 – Undeserved) has been compiled we will notify you of its availability. We have also noticed a file marked “Fringe Benefits” and we will be digging into this file in the future as well.  Until then, keep your eyes open for any additional clues and you can always contact us at the station if you have any additional information that may aid in the solving of this cold case. 


Rookie Investigator


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