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Please, PLEASE, PUHLEEEZE participate in this short survey.  It is not necessary for you to provide your name if you don’t wish to and, believe me, I cannot identify you through your IP address if that is a concern.  Your input will greatly help me with a project upon which I am currently working. Lord willing, it will be published on this site in the future.

In these first questions, please answer from the perspective of when you were a child.

1.       What kinds of things did you talk to your parents about?  Were there particular topics or situations about which you desired their input? List some examples.        

2.       What sorts of things did your parents REQUIRE you to ask their permission before proceeding?

3.       If you can remember, what did you think about  your parents’ requirement for you to ask for permission to do what you wanted? At the time, did you have an opinion about why they had these rules?

4.       If your parents are now deceased, what questions do you wish you could ask them now?

Next, if you are a parent, please answer these questions from your perspective as a parent.

1.       What kinds of questions do your children ask you?

2.       What sorts of things MUST they ask you about before proceeding?

3.       What is your purpose in requiring your children to come to you for your input? What advantage do you have over your children that would make your input important?

4.       If your children are now adults, what do you WISH they would ask for your input about?

5.       When your children were young, did you spend individual time with them?   If so, why did you believe this to be important?

Next, if you are, or have ever been, an employer or supervisor…

1.       Are your employees allowed to make unilateral decisions in all matters?  If not, what sorts of decisions require your approval?

2.       Why is your approval necessary? What advantage do you have over your employees?

3.       Do you have an open door policy?  If so, what is the goal of such a policy?


1.       Do you have a regular physician?  Why?

2.       Can you write your own prescriptions?  Why do you think it is necessary for prescriptions to come from a licensed physician? What advantage does he or she have over you?

Okay, that’s it.  I’m sorry I do not know how to make this a fillable form.  You might want to just write your answers using a word processor program and then copy/paste them into the comments section.  Or, you could just write them in the comments section. I can probably figure out what you are answering, or you can identify them by section one, #1, etc.  Your answers will really help me and will be greatly appreciated.

And, one more question, just for fun.  Can you guess the project I am working on?




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